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The eco-friendly cleaning-revolution with micro dry steam.

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Green Cleaning - chemical-free cleaning for the cleanest and most hygienic surfaces completely without residues.

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Why cleaning chemical free? That's why!

Did you know ...

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... how harmful chemical cleaning agents are?

Harmfulness of chemical cleaning agents

The use of chemical cleaning agents, especially spray cleaners, is as harmful to the lungs as smoking. Exposure to cleaning agents is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes per day!
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... how few resources our micro dry steam units require?

Resource requirements of our micro dry steam units

When using a micro dry steam unit, only 2 litres of water and no chemical detergents are needed to clean an entire family home.
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... how dangerous multi-resistant germs are?

Dangerousness of multi-resistant germs

Every year, more than 33,000 people in the European Union (EU) die from infections with multi-resistant germs!

... how bad plastic is for the environment?

Plastic lifespan

It takes 450 to 500 years for a plastic bottle to completely decompose!

... how high is the proportion of plastic in marine litter?

Plastic in marine litter

About 75 per cent of all marine litter consists of plastics! Every year, 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world's oceans, which is up to 18,000 pieces of plastic of various sizes per square kilometre of sea surface.

... what danger do chemicals pose?

Aerosols from chemicals

Worldwide, up to 900,000 premature deaths a year are caused by so-called anthropogenic secondary organic aerosols (ASOA) released by widely used chemicals!

... how many creatures die because of plastic waste?

Danger of plastic waste for living creatures

More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 other marine creatures die every year because of plastic waste!
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... how much water is needed to neutralise a household cleaner?

Water requirement for the neutralisation of a household cleaner

100,000 litres of water are needed to neutralise 1 bottle of household cleaner with regard to its pH value!

... how many bacteria are there on a dishcloth?

Bacteria on a dishcloth

There are more than 100 million bacteria on one square centimetre of a conventional dishcloth in the kitchen!

Compared to conventional cleaners

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Less plastic

Chemical detergents not only pollute wastewater, but also generate a huge amount of plastic waste. Are conventional detergents avoided, around 80 % less packaging waste is produced.


saved water

Normally around 60 liters of water are required to clean a single-family house. A complete cleaning with micro dry steam requires only 2-3 liters. This means that the use of water can be reduced by around 95% and precious resources conserved.


Elimination of germs

Thanks to a temperature of over 180 degrees, thermal disinfection takes place simultaneously during cleaning with micro dry steam. The result: a germ reduction of over 99,99% on all surfaces.


Less cleaning detergent

Cleaning with micro dry steam eliminates the need for chemical products. A 100% saving of cleaning agents therefore means 0% burden for the environment as well as for the health of cleaning staff, guests, customers etc.

The greener - the cleaner

The book on green cleaning

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What exactly does chemical-free cleaning mean? Why do conventional cleaning methods make surfaces dirtier rather than cleaner? And how much do chemical cleaning agents pollute our health and our environment?

Fritz Pattis, inventor of the Green Cleaning Concept, provides answers to these and many other questions in his new book and does away with outdated knowledge about cleaning. Instead, he shows new ways to clean sustainably and hygienically with Green Cleaning.

The greener - the cleaner. The book on green cleaning:

> Amazing facts about chemical-free cleaning

> Interesting facts about germs, viruses & Co.

> Numerous interviews with experts

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The Green Cleaning Concept®

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Clean solutions for your industry sector

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Chemical-free cleaning at home pays off several times. Children and pets in particular can be severely stressed by chemical detergents. At the same time, the money for conventional cleaning detergents and higher water consumption will remain in the household budget.

Supermärkte & Einzelhandel

Supermarkets & retail

Wherever food is handled, uncompromising hygiene is very important. With micro dry steam shelves, refrigeration equipment, display cases, walls, ceilings, displays, windows and all types of floors can be cleaned extra quickly and easily as well as much cleaner and, above all, residue-free.

Medical practices

Medical practices

In medical practices in particular, absolute cleanliness and hygiene are a must, even in the smallest place and in the last corner. No wonder that the Micro Cleaner therefore proves itself well here: the very hot micro dry steam inactivates germs on all surfaces and, thanks to its low water content, is at the same time also ideally suited for sensitive electronic devices.

Hotel - Restaurant

Hotels & restaurants

Guests in hotels and restaurants expect impeccable hygiene, while simultaneously time and personnel resources are often scarce. With green cleaning all areas of catering and hotel operations can be cleaned with less effort and in less time - and much cleaner too, without expensive chemical cleaning detergents.


Schools & kindergartens

Sustainable chemical-free cleaning in terms of health and environmental protection is also very popular in municipal areas. On all furniture, walls, ceilings and floors, the surfaces are not only cleaned down to the last crevices pore-deep, but also mold and germs are highly reduced without negative side effects. Unpleasant odors are removed causally on top of that.

Retirement home

Senior and nursing homes

Sustainable and chemical-free as well as hygienic cleaning and disinfection is, of course, also an important concern in retirement or nursing homes in terms of health protection. From the rooms to the kitchen, from the sanitary facilities to the necessary equipment such as wheelchairs, walking aids, rollators or bathtub lifts, hygiene is essential. Our Green Cleaning Concept not only cleans surfaces down to the last crevice, but also reduces mold and germs to a high degree and without negative side effects. Unpleasant odors are also causally removed.

Micro dry steam cleaning in a car interior

Car & Boat Preparation

Whether outside or inside - with micro dry steam, a car, bike or boat can be cleaned quickly, gently and sustainably, saving not only chemicals but also an enormous amount of water. This means you can clean anywhere - even in the great outdoors or on the water - without hesitation and in an environmentally friendly way.


Ambulance & Transporter

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner is the strongest micro dry steam power pack in the smallest space and can therefore also be used ideally in vehicles or can reach everywhere with its extra long hose - right into the last cracks and joints - and also clean there residue-free and pore-deep. Germs no longer stand a chance without nutrient media and against this heat.


Hospitals & Clinics

Whether patient rooms with all inventory, bathrooms and showers, corridors or the operating theatre - with the extremely flexible MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner, all surfaces and even the most difficult-to-access places can be cleaned very efficiently, quickly and sustainably. Germs are deprived of their breeding grounds and the heat contributes to a high germ reduction - the surfaces can be used again quickly due to the very dry micro steam cleaning. Mattresses, furniture, appliances, walls, ceilings, windows and work surfaces are treated just as gently as plastic, wooden or carpeted floors, tiles incl. joints, leather, glass, silicones, seals, etc.


Kitchens & Catering

Especially where food is processed, the hygienic cleanliness and high germ reduction provided by the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner is highly appreciated and even actively recommended by the Federal Association of German Food Inspectors. Especially walls, ceilings, work surfaces, refrigeration equipment, floors and appliances can be cleaned quickly and uncomplicatedly as well as residue-free, right into the smallest cracks and joints. Electronics, seals and sensitive surfaces are protected.

Food production

Food industry

Our MediCleanTec industrial dry steam units are available in various sizes and outputs (2.45 KW to over 40 KW electricity or even diesel) and even individually tuned and equipped for special requirements. In this way, we can offer very specific solutions for cleaning problems on a wide variety of surfaces and equipment for industrial companies. The germs are thus deprived of their breeding grounds and a high germ reduction is achieved through the enormous heat effect, so that the formation of resistance is also prevented.

Wellness facility

Spa's & wellness facilities

For large areas, such as wellness areas or bathrooms, our time- and water-saving micro dry steam vacuum cleaner is used. This way, germs - especially in a humid environment - don't stand a chance, nor do chemical residues, which are increasingly difficult to remove and can also negatively change the pH value in swimming pools.

Why green cleaning?

Cleaning with micro dry steam breaks the vicious circle caused by residues of chemical cleaning detergents. New dirt and germs adhere to these more quickly and easily, making cleaning more difficult from time to time. Micro dry steam units remove these residues completely and so ensure permanently better cleanliness and hygiene.

Gruppe 3082


No chemical pollution of waste water, no packaging waste and 95% less water consumption. With green cleaning companies as well as households can make a great contribution pro environmental protection.



Surfaces that have been cleaned without residues are hygienic surfaces, as new dirt is more difficult to adhere to and germs no longer find a nutrient medium. Cleaning by micro dry steam can reduce germs by at least 99.99%.



When using chemicals, every cleaning becomes more difficult, as new cleaning detergent residues are always added. If surfaces are cleaned down to the pores with micro dry steam and then coated, they remain clean significantly longer and are also easier to clean in the future.

Recommended by:

The Federal Association of Food Inspectors e.V. (Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure e.V.) recommends the MediCleantec Micro Cleaner after extensive practical tests.

Our products

Green Cleaning means cleaning and disinfection without chemicals.

Our products make it possible to implement this concept consistently in everyday business or private life.

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The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner  is a high-performance heat-cleaning device and works with very dry micro steam, which ensures residue-free, hygienic cleanliness in all areas. Micro Cleaners differ seriously from conventional steam cleaners as they work with very dry and very hot steam as well as high pressure to achieve maximum cleaning performance.


BOMAX AIR air sterilizers can be used in busy and large rooms thanks to their high airflow capacity. The room air is ionized, which happens automatically outdoors via sunlight. In this way, the BOMAX AIR air sterilizers prevent the spread and long stay of pollutants and viruses in the air.


MCT air sterilizers combine design and function. At first glance, the air sterilizer looks like a painting on the wall and can be customized with any desired motif. The UV disinfection unit of the air filter is hidden behind the decorative front and ensures an effective and at the same time chemical-free germ reduction of the room air.

Eliminate corona viruses and bacteria with micro dry steam.

With the power of heat, viruses are thermally inactivated and germs - even the most stubborn MRSA germs - are highly reduced.


Eco-friendly cleaning of all Areas of application

Many surfaces, for example, are sensitive to moisture and can therefore be difficult to clean. With a water content of just 5%, micro dry steam solves this problem and is suitable for cleaning all surfaces - even when it comes to sensitive materials such as wood, textiles or electrical devices.

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Joints, corners & edges
Joints, corners & edges
Reinigung Fenster
Windows & glass surfaces
Microtrockendampfreinigung auf Edelstahloberflächen
Stainless steel surfaces
Cars & motor cycles
Cars & motor cycles
Mikrotrockendampfreinigung an (Küchen-)Geräten und Maschinen
Household appliances
Mikrotrockendampfreinigung auf Möbeln, Sitzflächen und Polstern
Mircotrockendampfreinigung auf Terassen und Gartenmöbeln
Terrace & garden furniture
Sanitary facilities
Sanitary facilities

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What customers say about Medeco Cleantec

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Satisfied customers

Medeco Cleantec references

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Hotel Stäfeli

Hotel Stäfeli****

"Our hygiene promise: Through Medeco Cleantec's green cleaning concept, we ensure a thorough cleaning and, by avoiding chemical ingredients, protect our environment and the health of our guests and employees. Through the proven thermal inactivation of viruses and the high germ reduction with the green cleaning process, we also ensure a plus in safety."

Hotel Stäfeli **** - Relais du Silence

Wellnesshotel Alpin Juwel

Hotel Alpin Juwel****

"Since we only clean with very dry steam, we have no more residues of chemicals, materials are preserved, we save a lot of time, costs and water/wastewater and have much less sick leave, as employees no longer come into contact with chemicals. We only have one environment - and it's very important to us!"

Alexander Schwabl, Managing Director and Owner

Hotel Ecoinn


"Thanks to green cleaning, our employees can not only clean much more efficiently and quickly, but also protect the environment, their own health and that of their guests. Our bed occupancy has also increased by 25% since we started focusing on sustainability and social responsibility in all areas."

Thomas Puchan, Managing Director of ECOINN Hotel am Campus, named Europe's most ecological hotel

We are committed to a healthy and clean environment

Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, especially in today's world, and we have a great responsibility towards our children and future generations. Therefore, it is our special concern to cooperate with our customers to avoid environmentally harmful chemicals and mountains of waste.

Therefore we work closely with competent partners in the areas of trade, distribution, cleaning, disinfection and production in order to be able to offer high-quality and exclusively european products for the chemical-free cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and the air.

Our partners

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