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The Corona pandemic made us rethink. We questioned our way of cleaning and completely restructured and rebuilt everything.

By switching to chemical-free and sustainable cleaning and disinfection, we have saved a lot of water and avoided a lot of plastic waste and chemicals in the waste water. A small step with a big impact on our health and our environment!

It is no longer enough to just strive for cleanliness and the removal of dirt. It is much more about hygienic cleanliness to protect our guests and staff from viruses and bacteria. Dirty surfaces and multi-resistant germs prove that conventional methods with cleaning agents and disinfectants are not sufficiently effective.

That is why we now only clean our entire facility with micro dry steam, i.e. saturated steam that is heated up to 200 °C! With the power of heat, viruses are thermally inactivated and germs - even the most stubborn MRSA germs - are highly reduced and killed.

All residues of cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as dirt are removed easily and quickly without leaving any residues - even in inaccessible places. This also removes the breeding ground for germs. The surfaces - even sensitive ones - are nevertheless protected.

Allergy sufferers in particular are happy about this kind of cleaning in a hotel!

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