Solve your Cleaning Problems:

Now there is a way to clean efficiently and thoroughly, all without chemicals! With the partner of the German association of food inspectors.

Benefits of Chemical-free Cleaning:

efficient, cost saving, more hygienic and cleaner. Saves the environment and protects your personnel!


How to clean a hotel room is shown in the left video. How to transfer this into a Green Cleaning Concept is shown by Alexander Strobl, manager of Alpin Juwel Hotel. He only uses the Micro Cleaner without the use of any chemicals in the whole hotel.



Ecological and Efficient Cleaning without the Chemicals
Thousands of tons of detergents are being used during cleaning. The more the better is what many think but there is a way to clean simply without any detergents and chemicals. The Micro Cleaner is not just a simple steam cleaner. It is a 24/7 machine for industrial use with micro steam that can clean all surfaces from barbecues, tiles to upholstery and car seats.
We not leave you alone with the machine but give you and your personal a perfect training and help you with your Green Cleaning Concept without chemicals. Just use the Micro Cleaner and clean all your surfaces and problem areas, fast, hygienic, efficient and without the use of any detergents. And help to protect the environment while cleaning


Micro Cleaner – ecological and chemical-free cleaning for many industries and areas


Below you find the examples for many industries and areas from kitchens to ambulances. If you have any specific questions for your “cleaning problems”, do not hesitate to contact us.