Micro Cleaner

The Micro Cleaner is a high-end cleaning device that works only with dry micro steam.

So far this technology has been developed for industrial usage only but is now available for all cleaning tasks. It enables  hygienic, residue-free cleaning for all areas. Compared to ordinary steam cleaners, the Micro Cleaner is a high-end quality product with maximum power in steam and pressure, long lifetime and threWpatented USP´s.


Why is the Micro-Steam-Tehnology superior in cleaning?


  • Conventional cleaning has the disadvantage, that dirt particles and surface-active agents remain in the pores of the surface. After some time this piles up and visible residues remain, that have to be removed with intensive basic cleaning.
  • The Micro Cleaner uses only dry micro steam that creps into every pore of the surface and removes the dirt without residues. The heat has an additional disinfecting effect and reduces germs effectively. No regular basic cleaning is needed and you save time and money.


What differentiates it from conventional steam cleaners ?


  • Conventional steam cleanrs have less power to clean as efficient as the Micro Cleaners with ist dry micro steam.  They have less pressure and heat in the boiler and have up to 40 % water in the steam. This can cause damage to many surfaces and delicate surfaces can not be cleaned as to much water may harm the material.
  • Micro steam is being produced at 180 to 190°C and has a water content of 5-8 %.  With this high quality steam even the most sensitive surfaces can be cleaned without any effort, i.e. upholstery, leather, wood and carpets. Surfaces tries fast after the cleaning process as only little water is being used. With 2-3 litres of water over 100m² can be cleaned.


And what makes the Micro Cleaner so unique powerful and garantees 24/7 usage?


Three patented benefits guarantee the power and 24/7 usage:


  • Patented stainless steel boiler:  Self cleaning stainless steel boiler (10 years warranty!) AISI 304, special patented welding Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), no seals neccessary, integrated cooling ventilator for electronics.
  • Patented heating element: self-descaling, expansion while temperature rises causes calcium to flake off, 4-times higher performance than conventional heating elements! Guarantees constant temparature.
  • Patentierte „True Temp Technology“: Self-descaling electric-mechanic float valve with patented True Temp technology for constant high steam temperature. Two tank safety system for fast refill. Allows 24/7 operation.