Cleaning with steam

If you cook water in a pot it boils at 100° C and evaporises to a very wet steam. If water is being boiled in a closed system (e.g. boiler) higher temperature can be reached as well as dryer steam. The hotter the temperature the dryer is the steam. The Micro Cleaner produces dry micro steam with 9,5 bar pressure and over 180°C which is high quality steam with excellent cleaning efficiency.


Dry Micro Steam is hygienic and more effective than any other cleaning method  !


  • Small and flexible with the power of an industrial machine
  • Effective cleaning with dry micro-steam at 190°and over 9 bar pressure
  • Ecologically:  up to 100% savings on cleansing agents
  • Up to 30% time saving compared to conventional cleaning methods
  • No residues and no development of resistance
  • High reduction of germs/bacteria
  • High quality and newest technology for 24/7 industrial usage
  • 3 patents and USP´s


Disinfection against bacterias and viruses.


The Micro Cleaner reaches steam temperatures, that kills many germs and helps to clean at a very high hygiene level.

A lab test with an independent laboratory shows that a germ reduction ub to log 7 can be reached with the special steam technology. If you want to get mor info on this study, do not hesitate to drop us a mail. We will send you the full report: .