Cleaning Without…

The new Clean – Economical and ecological!

The Micro Cleaner proves that to clean thoroughly, you don’t need any detergent. It is much more efficient than conventional processes, residue-free and hygienic. This way you can protect not only the environment and your health, but also safe your money and precious time!

  • No chemicals. Pore-deep. No residues. Hygienic.

  • Save money and time

  • Solves all your common cleaning problems (grease, residues, mould)

  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • Protects the environment and your personel



The Micro Cleaner has impressive advantages over conventional cleaning methods and conventional steam cleaners. The main ones are cost-effectiveness, better cleaning results and environmental friendliness – in basic cleaning, ridding surfaces of stubborn dirt and maintenance clean-ups.

Incredible cleaning results are achieved, thanks to a water temperature of up to 200 degrees and a pressure of over 9 bar, forming a saturated micro-dry steam with only about 5% water content!

This allows for a decrease in working effort, time used and chemicals used. Cleaning with micro-dry steam offers countless possibilities for optimising the cleaning process and has many convincing advantages:


Advantage: Better Cleaning Results

  • Thanks to the dirt-removing properties, even frozen oils and fats dissolve and emulsify much better, which makes them easy to remove. Eggwhites and fats, in the food sector, can be removed very edffectively.




Avantage: Reduction in detergent use

  • Because of this, in addition to the cost savings, the Micro Cleaner also enables conservation of the environment throughout the cleaning process.


Advantage: Reduced Drying Time

  • Surfaces that are cleaned with micro-steam dry faster due to its heatand the low water content of the steam, increasing workplace efficiency.


Advantage: Improved Hygiene

  • Tests from accredited laboratories show a clear reduction in germs on surfaces that have been cleaned with

    micro-dry steam, demonstrating its ability to meet many hygiene requirements without the need for harsh disinfectants!




Advantage: Endless Uses!

  • The dry steam makes the Micro Cleaner suitable not only for very stubborn dirt, but for all surfaces, including pack or laminate and stain removal on upholstery and carpets.