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Cleanliness is the most important requirement for uncompromising hygiene and one of the main criteria for whether customers and guests like to come back. With green cleaning you solve the problems that often arise from conventional cleaning processes. Residues, lack of cleanliness, costly basic and special cleaning, health hazards caused by chemical cleaning detergents and inspectors' favorite dirty corners are history with our 3-pillar concept.

As the inventors of the Green Cleaning Concept, we are the first in the world to convert entire operations to chemical-free cleaning for almost 5 years. For this purpose, we have further developed and adapted the equipment and accessories so that they are very robust and efficient as well as easy to operate.

Together with our decades of experience and our great know-how in cleaning and especially in green cleaning, we can individually convert and optimize existing procedures and processes as well as provide competent training and process support.

The Cleaning Concept

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Our Green Cleaning Concept is based on 3 pillars and enables more effective basic cleaning of problem areas and faster maintenance cleaning in many areas. Simply with dry micro dry steam and without any cleaning agents for perfect and hygienic cleanliness on all surfaces.

We will show you exactly how this works in an initial demonstration and analysis of the cleaning situation on site. Afterwards, we discuss the best possible solution together, which is uncomplicated to implement within the framework of your current cleaning process.  In doing so, we do not leave you alone and offer accompanying training also against the background of your current staff situation.

In the case of special problems, such as a high lime content in the water, we can offer appropriate surface finishes that are gentle on materials, better prevent lime adhesion and simplify cleaning.


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By using micro steam devices you create permanently better cleanliness and hygiene without residues of chemicals and reduce working times in many areas.


We optimise your cleaning processes after a thorough analysis by then integrating micro steam cleaning into your work processes. Standardised procedures simplify the work, make it faster and reduce the physical effort.


With a special, natural silicon-based finishing technology, we protect the surfaces, dirt penetration is no longer possible and limescale can be removed more easily.

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Invitation to an introductory demonstration

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Green Cleaning - all advantages

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Cleanliness at the highest level

Perfect cleanliness without residues!

With MediCleanTec micro dry steam devices, all surfaces and problem areas (tiled areas, sanitary areas, structured floors or kitchen zones and cold storage) can be cleaned down to the pores.

With over 180°C and over 9 bar pressure, saturated steam with only 5% water content is generated, which penetrates into the smallest microstructures.

This dissolves even the most stubborn dirt and achieves absolute cleanliness on all surfaces without leaving any residue.



Green cleaning eliminates the need for chemical cleaning detergents that are completely discharged into wastewater. In addition, there is no more plastic waste from cleaning containers.

In addition, water consumption is reduced by 95% when cleaning with micro dry steam. Especially in kitchens, which are otherwise often flooded, water consumption can be extremely reduced.

An example: The water consumption per room cleaning in a hotel is about 50-60 liters per cleaning - with micro dry steam cleaning only 1.5 liters are needed.


Huge cost savings

No cleaning detergents also means: no costs for cleaning detergents. However, this is not the only savings potential of the green cleaning concept.

The low water consumption of the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner also reduces expenditure on water and wastewater.

At the same time, labor/personnel costs can be reduced thanks to shorter cleaning times and the elimination of basic and special cleaning.

Finally, by protecting surfaces through chemical-free cleaning and finishing, renovation and investment costs for curtains, carpets or furniture, for example, can be avoided.


Reduced cleaning time

Green cleaning significantly reduces cleaning time in most application areas, allowing more effective staff planning.

Particularly in the hotel and catering sector, there are often only limited time windows available for cleaning rooms, spa and sanitary areas, kitchens, etc. At the same time, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is a must.

Cleaning by micro dry steam is therefore the optimal solution, as the appropriate cleanliness is achieved in a short time and without the necessary long drying times.


Perfect hygiene

An accredited independent laboratory has confirmed the high germ reduction when using the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner.

Specifically, the germ reduction during a normal cleaning process with micro dry steam corresponds to log level >5, which is equivalent to medical disinfection and means that 99.999% of all germs are inactivated.

If disinfection is additionally carried out with HB Solution, even log level >7 can be achieved, which means 99.99999% fewer germs.

By the way: Thanks to the enormous germ reduction already during the wiping process, there is no risk of resistant germs developing.


Finishing with prococoon

For permanently easier cleaning processes - especially in problem areas - a surface treatment with ProCocoon ensures that every surface is effectively refined with natural silicon right down to the capillaries.

Dirt and residues (such as lime in bathrooms) can thus no longer adhere properly to the surface. They are only deposited on the applied silicon layer. Such subsequent soiling can then be removed much more easily, in less time, and even more hygienically.

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Occupational health and safety

Conventional cleaning with chemical detergents can have a noticeable impact on the health of both cleaners and guests/customers.

By dispensing with aerosols and residues of chemical detergents, this stress for the respiratory tract or for allergy sufferers is eliminated.

At the same time, cleaning with our MediCleanTec Micro Cleaners requires less physical effort, which has been confirmed by an ergonomic expert opinion. Especially hard-to-reach places can be reached much easier and without dangerous ladder climbing.


Collaborative partner of the Federal Association of German Food Inspectors

We are very proud to be the official cooperation partner of the Federal Association of Food Inspectors of Germany.

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner was tested in use by experts from the association and subsequently described as the "missing element" in kitchen cleaning.

Since then, each of our Micro Cleaners bears the seal of the BVLK and is actively recommended to the association's members.

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Invitation to an introductory demonstration

Arrange a free, non-binding introductory consultation.

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You too can benefit from our green cleaning concept

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Thousands of customers are now taking advantage of Green Cleaning. Our customers include:

Prestigious restaurants and kitchens (star chefs), canteens, caterers and fast-food chains

Prestigious hotels, including 4- and 5-star hotels, who only clean with dry micro-steam

Well-known hospitals, nursing and care homes and organisations working in elderly care

Medical practices, rehabilitation practices, cosmetic surgeons, pharmacies, and fitness and cosmetic studios

Supermarkets, food production companies, sales and delivery vehicle businesses, butchers and bakeries

Schools and nurseries, municipal institutions

Cleaning companies, restorers, car and boat repairers, and many more.


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Alexander Schwabl, managing Director and owner of the ****superior hotel Alpin Juwel eexplains, why he has switched completely to green cleaning.

Ihre Fragen & unsere Antworten

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Green alternatives are usually more expensive. Is that also the case with Green Cleaning?

Exactly the opposite is the case. Green Cleaning combines ecological with economic advantages, as it saves considerable costs for cleaning agents, water, wastewater and waste, as well as a great deal of time.

Green Cleaning is therefore much more than an alternative, but the solution to all cleaning problems that arise primarily from the use and residues of cleaning detergents.

Is Green Cleaning only suitable for commercial use?

No, Green Cleaning is also or especially for private households an optimal solution, because the burden of chemical cleaning agents is completely eliminated. In your own four walls, where perhaps also small children, elderly people or pets live, this protection for health is particularly important and ensures that you still feel at home.

Especially for private use we have designed our smallest model, the Micro Cleaner Steamy.

For which industries is Green Cleaning suitable?

Clearly for all industries, because cleaning has to be done everywhere. Where cleanliness and hygiene are particularly important, such as in the medical sector, in schools and kindergartens, in care facilities, in the food industry, in hotels and restaurants, etc., the advantages of the Green Cleaning concept come into their own all the more.

Is it possible to get burned by the hot micro dry steam?

No. The micro dry steam is generated in the device at over 180 degrees and has a temperature of around 100 degrees when it exits. However, since the water content is so low at 5%, it is almost only hot air that escapes and is completely harmless.

Can the Green Cleaning Concept® also be implemented with other steam devices?

No, and for several reasons:

Our Micro Cleaners have been specially developed to combine - based on a unique technology - the highest possible performance in handy small and flexible devices with the highest quality and long range. This development is based on our many years of experience and our entire know-how in terms of production, application, process management, employee training and much more.

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