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Cleanliness is the most important prerequisite for uncompromising hygiene and one of the main criteria for customers and guests to return. With Green Cleaning, you can solve the problems often caused by conventional cleaning processes. Residues, lack of cleanliness, costly basic and special cleaning, health hazards caused by chemical cleaning agents and inspectors' favorite dirty corners are history with our 3-pillar concept.

As the inventors of the Green Cleaning Concept, we are the first in the world to have converted entire businesses to chemical-free cleaning for almost 5 years. To this end, we have further developed and adapted the devices and accessories so that they are very robust, powerful and easy to operate.

Together with our decades of experience and our extensive know-how in cleaning and, above all, in green cleaning, we can individually convert and optimize existing procedures and processes and provide competent training and process support.

The cleaning concept

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Our Green Cleaning Concept is based on 3 pillars and enables you to achieve more effective basic cleaning of problem areas and faster maintenance cleaning in many areas. Simply use dry micro dry steam without any cleaning agents for perfect and hygienic cleanliness on all surfaces.

We will show you exactly how this works in an initial demonstration and analysis of the cleaning situation on site. We then discuss the best possible solution together, which can be easily implemented as part of your current cleaning process. We do not leave you to your own devices and offer accompanying training against the background of your current personnel situation.

For special problems, such as high levels of limescale in the water, we can offer appropriate surface finishes that are gentle on materials, better prevent limescale build-up and simplify cleaning.

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By using micro steam appliances, you can achieve better long-term cleanliness and hygiene without chemical residues and reduce working times in many areas.


After a thorough analysis, we optimize your cleaning processes by integrating micro steam cleaning into your work processes. Standardized processes simplify and speed up the work and reduce physical exertion.


With a special, natural silicon-based finishing technology, we protect the surfaces, dirt can no longer penetrate and limescale can be removed more easily.

Green Cleaning Academy

In order to make it even easier and more effective for existing and new customers to train new employees in cleaning with micro dry steam, we have created our own online academy with which future Green Cleaners can independently acquire the necessary know-how - and in all the languages they need.

Our e-learning platform enables simple, standardised and, above all, independent learning. For this purpose, we mainly use learning videos that convey the necessary knowledge in a clear and comprehensible way - thanks to the possibility of subtitles in various languages - in order to also enable employees with language barriers to receive a well-founded training.

In addition to learning videos with gamification elements, the e-learning concept also includes classic workbooks in which what has been learned is recorded in writing. This allows employers to see exactly what learning progress their employees are making and what knowledge they have already acquired. Another big advantage is that managing directors, owners or housekeeping only have to invest a fraction of the previous training time and are effectively relieved - with a higher training quality at the same time.

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Green Cleaning advantages at a glance

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Cleanliness at the highest level

Perfect cleanliness without residue!

With MediCleanTec micro dry steam appliances, all surfaces and problem areas (tiled areas, sanitary areas, textured floors or kitchen areas and cold stores) can be cleaned down to the pores.

At over 180°C and over 9 bar pressure, saturated steam with only 5% water content is produced, which penetrates into the smallest microstructures.

Even the most stubborn dirt is loosened and all surfaces are left absolutely clean with no residue.


Environmentally friendly

Green Cleaning eliminates the need for chemical cleaning agents that end up completely in the waste water. In addition, there is no more plastic waste from cleaning containers.

In addition, the water requirement is reduced by 95% when cleaning with micro dry steam. Especially in kitchens, which are otherwise often flooded, water consumption can be greatly reduced.

An example: The water consumption per room cleaning in a hotel is approx. 30-40 liters per cleaning - micro dry steam cleaning requires just 1.5 liters.


Enormous cost savings

No cleaning agents also means: no costs for cleaning agents. However, this is not the only savings potential of the Green Cleaning concept.

The low water requirement of the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner also reduces expenditure on water and waste water.

At the same time, labor/personnel costs can be reduced due to shorter cleaning times and the elimination of basic and special cleaning.

By protecting surfaces through chemical-free cleaning and finishing, renovation and investment costs for curtains, carpets or furniture, for example, can also be avoided.


Reduction in cleaning time

Green Cleaning significantly reduces cleaning time in most areas of application, enabling more effective staff planning.

In the hotel and catering sector in particular, there are often only limited time slots available for cleaning rooms, wellness and sanitary areas, kitchens, etc. At the same time, compliance with impeccable hygiene standards is a must.

Cleaning with micro dry steam is therefore the optimum solution, as the appropriate level of cleanliness is achieved in a short time and without the need for long drying times.


Perfect hygiene

An accredited independent laboratory has confirmed the high level of germ reduction when using the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner.

Specifically, the germ reduction during a normal cleaning process with micro dry steam corresponds to log level >5, which is equivalent to medical disinfection and means that 99.999% of all germs are inactivated.

If HB Solution is also used for disinfection, even log level >7 can be achieved, which means 99.99999% fewer germs.

Incidentally, thanks to the enormous reduction in germs during the wiping process, there is no risk of resistant germs developing.


Finishing with Prococoon

A surface treatment with ProCocoon, which effectively refines every surface down to the capillaries with natural silicon, ensures permanently easier cleaning processes - especially in problem areas.

Dirt and residues (such as limescale in bathrooms) can no longer adhere properly to the surface. They are only deposited on the applied silicon layer. This type of soiling can then be removed much more easily and hygienically in less time.


Occupational safety and health protection

Conventional cleaning with chemical agents can put a noticeable strain on the health of both cleaning staff and guests/customers.

The absence of aerosols and residues of chemical agents eliminates this burden on the respiratory tract or for allergy sufferers.

At the same time, cleaning with our MediCleanTec Micro Cleaners requires less physical exertion, which has been confirmed by an ergonomic report. Particularly hard-to-reach places can be reached much more easily and without dangerous ladder climbing.


Cooperation partner of the Federal Association of Food Inspectors in Germany e.V.

We are very proud to be an official cooperation partner of the Federal Association of Food Inspectors in Germany.

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner was tested in use by experts from the association and subsequently described as the "missing element" in kitchen cleaning.

Since then, each of our Micro Cleaners has carried the BVLK seal and is actively recommended to association members.


Natural disinfection

Reliable disinfection is essential in many areas. The Green Cleaning Concept offers two optimal and chemical-free solutions.

When cleaning with our Micro Cleaners, thermal disinfection takes place automatically due to the high temperatures, which inactivates any germs.

In addition, we have developed HB Solution, a completely natural disinfectant based on pure silicon that can be used for both wipe disinfection and fogging.

Invitation to a get-to-know-you screening

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Invitation to a get-to-know-you screening

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You too can benefit from our Green Cleaning Concept

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Thousands of customers are now enjoying the benefits of Green Cleaning. Our customers include:

Renowned restaurants and kitchens (star chefs), canteens, caterers and fast food chains

Well-known hotels, including 4- and 5-star hotels, which now clean exclusively with micro dry steam

Large hospitals, retirement and nursing homes as well as organizations in the elderly care sector

Doctors' surgeries, rehabilitation clinics, cosmetic surgeons, pharmacies and fitness or beauty studios

Supermarkets, food production companies, sales and delivery vehicle businesses, butchers and bakeries

Schools and kindergartens, municipal facilities

Cleaning companies, restorers, car and boat refurbishers, and many more.

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In an interview with Salzburg TV station RTS, Sylvia Hohengasser from Hotel Kohlmayr in Obertauern explains why she opted for green cleaning.

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