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For residue-free & hygienic cleanliness

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The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner is a high-performance heat cleaning device and works with very dry micro steam, which has so far only been developed and used for industrial purposes. This achieves residue-free, hygienic cleanliness in all areas.

Thanks to its compact size, the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner is optimally suited for private households as well as for smaller commercial users.

The devices differ significantly from conventional steam cleaners - they are characterised above all by first-class quality and workmanship, long service life, maximum performance in pressure and heat and 3 patented unique selling points.

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Why does the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner clean more efficiently with its special micro dry steam?

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Pore-deep cleanliness without residues

With conventional cleaning with chemical agents, surfactants and dirt always remain in the pores. Surfaces can thus never become completely clean and these residues lead to faster new soiling, because the dirt sticks better. This new basic soiling must then be removed again at great expense (e.g. kitchen grease on the floor and extractor bonnet or residues in sanitary facilities).
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A head start with micro dry steam

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner works with dry micro steam generated with an industry-proven patented technology. The decisive advantages of the micro dry steam are minimal surface tension, excellent creep capacity even under crusty dirt and into the smallest surface structures and fast, streak-free drying. The high temperature of the micro dry steam also automatically ensures thermal disinfection.
Mediacleantec Micro Cleaner

What distinguishes the Medicleantec Micro Cleaner from conventional steam cleaners you may have tried?

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Cleaning with high quality steam

Conventional steam cleaners have, on the one hand, too little power to really clean efficiently and, on the other hand, due to the lower heat, a water content of up to 40%. This means that very hard and resistant materials can be freed from light dirt with it - however, this type of cleaning is not suitable for sensitive materials, as there is a risk of damaging the surface with hot water (textiles, leather, plastics, silicones, joints, parquet...).

Micro dry steam for clean results

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner generates micro dry steam with over 9 bar pressure and over 180°C heat and thus with a water content of only approx. 5 percent. With this so-called saturated steam, consisting of tiny steam molecules (no water droplets!), even sensitive surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpets, leather, wood and plastics can be cleaned effortlessly and sustainably. The materials are dry again in a very short time. For example, a car can be completely cleaned inside and out with 2-3 litres of water, or a floor area of 100 m² to 150 m².

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Invitation to a get-to-know-you screening

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These 4 properties

Make the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner unique and effective and guarantee long-lasting use



Stainless steel steam boiler

  • special welding process
  • tested to 70 bar pressure
  • no sealing rings required any more


Self-decalcifying heating element

  • stainless steel
  • demountable
  • 4 times the power of spiral heaters: 28W/cm2 (in comparison: standard heaters - 7W/cm2)
  • No direct contact of the heating element with water
  • thereby maximum, constant heat output.


"True Temp Technology"

with self-descaling electromechanical probe for consistently high steam temperature and an automatic refill system for permanent operation


Several expert opinions and validation reports

from Austrian experts and German laboratories confirm the unique performance and the enormous advantages in terms of efficient cleaning, high germ reduction, time saving, ergonomics, occupational health and safety.

Cleaning with micro dry steam

Both hygiene and sustainability are topics that are now omnipresent in all areas of life. This makes it all the more important to have a forward-looking solution that enables fast, efficient and uncomplicated cleaning and disinfection - with a view to protecting the environment and resources.

Micro dry steam is this solution!

Gruppe 3082
Mikrotrockendampfreinigung auf Polstern und Möbeln

Micro dry steam

Water boils (evaporates) at 100°C under normal ambient pressure. This initially produces wet steam, i.e. steam with a very high water content. If the boiling process takes place in a closed system (steam boiler), higher temperatures and thus drier steam are achieved. The higher the temperature and pressure, the drier the steam. If the water content is close to zero, it is called saturated or dry steam. In the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner, dry steam is produced with 9 bar at over 180 °C.

Dissolves stubborn soiling

The quality of the steam makes the difference: micro-dry steam scores with less visual obstruction, better creeping ability as well as fast and residue-free drying. If only water or very wet steam is used for cleaning, the high surface tension of the water or water droplets prevents an effective cleaning process. To ensure that water can still dissolve dirt, additional cleaning agents that dissolve the surface tension of the water are therefore always used in conventional cleaning.
Überall anwendbar

Applicable everywhere

The tiny water molecules in micro dry steam no longer have any surface tension and can therefore dissolve and remove dirt without the addition of chemical agents by penetrating even the smallest microstructures. At the same time, dry steam can be used on all surfaces, as there is no moisture penetration that could damage textiles or wood, for example.

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Invitation to a get-to-know-you screening

Arrange a free and non-binding get-to-know-you meeting.

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Why Green Cleaning?

Cleaning with micro dry steam helps to solve problems that are not solved or even caused by conventional cleaning. In addition, the complete absence of chemicals protects the environment, health and budget.

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First class cleanliness

Perfect and pore-deep hygiene and cleanliness - without chemicals and without residues!

Hand die Erdkugel hält

Better environmental protection

The environment and resources are conserved - by dispensing with chemical cleaning agents and packaging waste.

Verhinderung von Viren und Bakterien

Reduction of microorganisms

Perfect hygiene - germs are 99.99% inactivated

verringerte Kosten

Lower costs

Cost reduction and quick payback due to savings in cleaning agents, lower water consumption and time savings.


Efficient loosening of dirt

Efficient and fast dissolving and removing grease and stubborn dirt

erfolgreiche Reinigung von Möbeln

Hygienic mattresses

Hygienic cleaning of mattresses and killing of mites

porentiefe Reinigung

Clean surfaces deep into the pores

Hygienic, pore-deep cleanliness of all smooth and rough surfaces

keine Gerüche

Neutralise odours

Elimination of unpleasant odours on textiles, in sanitary facilities, kitchens, etc.


Gentle thanks to micro steam

Gentle cleaning even of sensitive surfaces and objects (machines and appliances, wooden/parquet floors, textiles, etc.) thanks to dry steam

sauberer Teppich

Remove stains

Highly efficient stain removal from carpets, upholstery, smooth floors etc.

saubere Fenster und Scheiben

Do not leave streaks

Streak-free cleaning on all smooth and rough surfaces (natural stone floors, plastic floors, wooden floors, non-slip floors, glass panes, tiles,...).

Sauberkeit in alle Richtungen

Clean hard-to-reach places

Thanks to high pressure, even hard-to-reach places (drains, grids, slots, ...) can be cleaned effortlessly and efficiently


Hygienic cold rooms

Fast defrosting and hygienic cleaning of cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers

Disinfection effect on bacteria and viruses

Many bacteria but also viruses cannot survive temperatures above 70°. Staphylococcus aureus, for example, is effectively eliminated at 80° in 2 seconds, E. Coli already at 55°.

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner reaches exit temperatures that immediately inactivate many germs (depending on the accessories used, the removal and the substrate condition). With this steam technology, we achieve germ reductions up to log level >7. This means that the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner can contribute to significant germ reductions even in normal cleaning processes. This has been confirmed by an accredited laboratory. If you are interested in the study, please request it under [email protected].

Facts and figures about the Medicleantec Micro Cleaner

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner is a high-performance heat cleaning device designed for continuous commercial use.

Gruppe 3082

Most important features

  • For continuous commercial use
  • Automatic refill system for permanent working (two-chamber system)
  • Stainless steel steam boiler tested to 70 bar pressure, no sealing rings required!
  • Self-decalcifying heating element made of stainless steel (4-fold power), long-lasting, energy-saving
  • "True Temp Technology" with self-decalcifying, electromechanical probe for consistently high steam temperature
  • > 9 bar pressure, > 180 °C heat
  • Very short heating time (3.5 min.)
  • Water injection (hot water rinse function)
  • Dry run protection for heating element and pump
  • Temperature and pressure display, 2 hour counter
  • Robust stainless steel housing, metal valves
  • Multi-stage steam gun, Tip-Tronic software
  • Lockable metal connections on unit and hose
  • Robust 5-metre industrial hose, 8-m neoprene / rubber cable with screwed metal cable strain relief
  • Large rubber wheels

Technical data

Gruppe 3082
Daten Wert / Eigenschaft
Stainless steel kettleAISI 304
Boiler volume1,5 Lt
Water tank2 Lt
PressureØ 9 bar
Weightapprox. 9.5 kg
Steam productionØ 4.2 kg/h (70 g/min)
Steam T°> 182 °C
Voltage230V – 50/60 Hz
Maximum power2,45 KW

Recommended by:

The German Federal Association of Food Inspectors (Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure e.V.) recommends the MediCleantec Micro Cleaner after extensive practical testing.

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Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, especially nowadays, and we have a great responsibility towards our children and future generations. It is therefore our particular concern to contribute, together with our customers, to avoiding environmentally harmful chemicals and mountains of waste. To this end, we work closely with competent partners from the areas of trade, distribution, cleaning, disinfection and production in order to be able to offer high-quality and exclusively European products for the chemical-free cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and the air.

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