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Save time and money with environmentally friendly and chemical-free dry steam cleaning

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The Micro Cleaner Steamy is a handy and efficient aid in the household and offers the performance, quality and technology of an industrial dry steam appliance.

Micro Cleaner

These 4 advantages offers

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner Steamy


save water

Instead of up to 60 litres of water, just 2-3 litres are needed to clean an entire family home with the Steamy.

This is made possible by the low water content of the micro dry steam of only 5%, which is why the Micro Cleaner is also ideal for cleaning moisture-sensitive surfaces.


Without chemistry

On average, a household usually has 15 different cleaning agents in its cupboard. Lots of chemical substances that can irritate the skin and respiratory tract alone and even more so in combination. Cleaning with micro dry steam is therefore not only easy on the household budget, but also on the health of all family members.


Without residues

After a short time, conventional cleaning agents leave behind more dirt than before. The reason: every cleaning agent leaves behind residues to which new dirt adheres again all the more quickly and easily and which provide an ideal breeding ground for germs.

If, on the other hand, surfaces are cleaned deep into the pores with micro-dry steam, both dirt and old residues are removed. And new contaminants can then also be removed much more easily.



No chemicals and hardly any water - those who switch to green cleaning actively protect the environment and resources.

No chemical cleaning agents get into the waste water, nor is an unnecessary amount of water needed.

At the same time, dispensing with conventional cleaning agents also significantly reduces packaging waste.

Eliminate corona viruses and bacteria with micro dry steam.

With the power of heat, viruses are thermally inactivated and germs - even the most stubborn MRSA germs - are highly reduced.


Our products for the household

Cleaning with micro dry steam is the optimal solution not only for professional use, but also for household use. A single device makes all cleaning agents superfluous and is suitable for all applications and cleaning problems.

Gruppe 3082


The Steamy is the cleaning all-purpose weapon for the household thanks to its enormous power and extensive accessories.


HB Solution is a disinfectant that is particularly gentle on health and the environment because it is made only from water and salt. At the same time, it is highly effective against bacteria, viruses (also against SARS-COV-2), moulds, spores and yeasts.


Wipe&Clean wipes have an antiviral and antibacterial effect thanks to fine copper pigments. Dampening is enough to ensure germ-free cleanliness. Chemical cleaning agents and disinfectants become completely superfluous.

How the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner Steamy works

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner Steamy is a handy and efficient aid in the household and offers the performance, quality and technology of an industrial steam device.

Due to its enormous power and a wide range of accessories, it offers great relief in cleaning the household in a chemical-free, healthy and environmentally friendly way.

Gruppe 3082
Microtrockendampfreinigung an Sitzflächen und Polstern

Micro dry steam

With very hot and very dry steam, the Steamy removes even the most stubborn dirt on the one hand, and on the other hand all residues that have been deposited on all surfaces and especially in joints and pores due to chemical cleaning agents and to which new dirt adheres particularly well. As a result, you achieve a much higher and more sustainable standard of hygiene in your four walls.
Sanitäre Anlagen

Areas of application

There is virtually nothing that cannot be cleaned with the Steamy:
  • Beds, upholstery, mattresses, carpets, furniture, curtains and sofas
  • Bathroom and toilet
  • kitchen
  • All types of floors (parquet, PVC, tiles, stone, wood, carpet,....)
  • Glass doors, conservatories, windows and roller shutters
  • Terrace and garden furniture
  • Car, motorbike or bicycle
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With 14 different attachments and other accessories, the MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner Steamy is optimally equipped for every cleaning problem and is a real all-rounder in the household. Combined with the right steam iron or a state-of-the-art steam ironing station, the advantages of micro dry steam can also be used, for example, to clean and iron clothes particularly gently and also to remove unpleasant odours.

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Invitation to a get-to-know-you screening

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Environmentally friendly cleaning of all application areas

Many surfaces, for example, are sensitive to moisture and can therefore be difficult to clean. With a water content of only 5%, micro dry steam solves this problem and is suitable for cleaning all surfaces - even when it comes to sensitive materials such as wood, textiles or electrical appliances.

Gruppe 3082
Fugen, Ecken & Kanten
Joints, corners & edges
Microtrockendampfreinigung auf Sitzmöbeln
Reinigung Fenster
Windows & glass surfaces
Auto & tweewieler
Cars & motor cycles
Household appliances
Mikrotrockendampfreinigung bei gepolsterten Möbeln
Mircotrockendampfreinigung auf einem Terassen-Boden aus Fließen
Terrace & garden furniture
Microtrockendampfreinigung von Abflüssen im Santiärbereich

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Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, especially nowadays, and we have a great responsibility towards our children and future generations. It is therefore our particular concern to contribute, together with our customers, to avoiding environmentally harmful chemicals and mountains of waste. To this end, we work closely with competent partners from the areas of trade, distribution, cleaning, disinfection and production in order to be able to offer high-quality and exclusively European products for the chemical-free cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and the air.

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