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Anyone who wants to clean and disinfect consistently without chemicals - whether in the private or commercial sector - is ideally equipped with our products. Whether micro-dry steam units for pore-deep cleanliness or innovative air purification units that ensure safe hygiene without chemicals.

Micro dry steamers and Micro-steam suction devices

The use of micro dry steam devices results in permanently better cleanliness and hygiene without residues of chemicals and with less time expenditure.

In order to offer the right device for every area of application, our model range extends from the compact MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner to large devices with heavy current or diesel drive for industrial use.

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MCT Micro Cleaner - Commercial and Residential

The MediCleanTec Micro Cleaner is a high-performance heat cleaning device and works with very dry micro steam, which has so far only been developed and used for industrial purposes. This achieves residue-free, hygienic cleanliness in all areas. Thanks to its compact size, the Micro Cleaner is ideal for both private households and smaller commercial users. The devices differ seriously from conventional steam cleaners - they are characterized above all by first-class quality and workmanship, long service life, maximum performance in pressure and heat and 3 patented unique selling points.

Mini Vac

MCT Industrial Line Lite - Commercial and Industrial

The Industrial Line MINI and MINI VAC models have a power of 10 bar and, thanks to our patented technology, are able to operate without heavy current but with normal current (light current).

Therefore, they can be used wherever there are large areas with smooth or textured, non-slip floors or even carpeted floors. Ideally used also for professional and hygienic cleaning and disinfection of mattresses.

They are most often used in hotels with long corridors or lobbies with large floors or carpeted areas, many mattresses, in kitchens, in large wellness areas, in butcher shops, bakeries, and many more.

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MCT Industrial Line Heavy - Commercial and Industrial

The Industrial Line PRO, MAX and Diesel models are powered by heavy current for indoor use or by diesel for outdoor use and are characterized by their enormous power from 7.4 KW to 45 KW.

They are used in a wide range of industrial and production plants - both in the food sector and in the technical industry for hygienic cleaning and disinfection of machines, equipment, treadmills, work surfaces, walls, ceilings, floors, cold rooms, and much more.

The units have large water tanks or direct water connection and also allow the addition of enzyme cleaning agents.

They can be used either with industrial steam accessories only or also with exhaust. The accessories can be offered very individually and tailored to appropriate requirements and needs.

The diesel units are very suitable for outdoor areas for quick and efficient removal of contaminants such as oil stains, chewing gum, graffiti, stubborn dirt, etc., or also for environmentally friendly weeding.

In the micro steam / industrial steam sector, we offer many different device sizes and strengths with wiping and / or suction options, from 2.00 KW to 45 KW, with different and also individual equipment and accessories, in order to meet all customer requirements and needs.

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Air purifiers

Modern air purifiers with H14 Hepa filters and ionizers can effectively filter even small particles such as bacteria, aerosols and viruses from the air, ensuring safety and a good feeling for customers, patients, employees and guests.
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Bomax Air Pro High Performance Air Purifiers

Using the latest technology, BOMAX air purifiers have a high air purification capacity with H14 Hepa filters and ionizers. As a result, they provide excellent air purification even in large-volume locations and in rooms with dense crowds.

MCT Design UV Air Sterilizer

The MCT Design UV air sterilizer is ideal for environmentally friendly germ reduction and inactivation of Corona viruses, SARS viruses, Mers viruses, flu viruses, etc.

A unique highlight for meeting rooms, offices, doctor's offices, receptions, kindergartens, nursing homes, etc. Wherever several people are in one room and there is an increased risk of infection.

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