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Our satisfied customers are the best confirmation that our Green Cleaning concept and our products can bring about a small cleaning revolution in every sector and in every area.


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Below you will find a selection of testimonials from our many satisfied customers who enjoy better cleanliness and hygiene without chemicals or cleaning agents.

Dr. Jörg Dabernig, Plastisch Ästhetischer Chirurg
Since we clean all surfaces and equipment with micro dry steam, we no longer have any residues and thus the best possible conditions for successful disinfection.

Dr. Jörg Dabernig

Plastic surgeon

2 Sternekoch Patrick Coudert
We use the Micro Cleaner to clean and sterilise all stainless steel surfaces, tiles, extractor bonnets, walls, ceilings, floors, refrigeration including seals, appliances, etc. and would not do without it again.

Patrick Coudert

2 stars cook

We cannot imagine the high standard of hygiene we have in our hotel without the use of our Micro Cleaners. We can highly recommend them.

Silvana Egger, Housekeeper 5* Superior Interalpenhotel

5* Superior Interalpenhotel

Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying
Our experience so far with the Micro Cleaner, which we have been using regularly and without any problems since 2016, has been consistently positive. The pore-deep cleaning makes it possible that after the basic cleaning in all areas of our hotel, only maintenance cleaning is necessary with a significantly lower amount of work and time.

Christine Worf, housekeeper at Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying


For 4 years now, we have been using the high-performance heat cleaning devices from Medeco Cleantec in our catering establishments "Golf Restaurant Greens" in Aschheim and "Gaststätte Zunfthaus" in Munich. The strong cleaning power of the micro dry steam enables us to remove even the most stubborn residues and dirt quickly and easily.

Karl-Heinz Wernitznig, owner of the Zunfthaus restaurant in Munich


Our guest house, my dance school and a dog and racehorse breeding business expose me to new cleaning challenges every day. Endless hours, endless chemicals and, over all these years, the onset of chronic bronchitis triggered by chemicals. I discovered Medeco Cleantec through a recommendation, bought it and have been able to breathe easy ever since.

Frühwacht Nicole


s pfiff
We cannot imagine the high standard of hygiene we have in our hotel without the use of our Micro Cleaners. We can highly recommend them.

Restaurant S’Pfiff

We are thrilled with our micro dry steam appliance. We never imagined that the ageing tiles/grout could look like new again. This good feeling of cleanliness is priceless.

Stefanie Baier

As the manager of a large medical practice with three locations and 6 doctors, I attach enormous importance to hygiene in our premises and make no compromises here. The product from Medeco Cleantec and the advice from Christine and Thomas Kogler on the dry steam cleaning device convinced me immediately. convinced me immediately. The disinfecting effect of the device by means of thermal disinfection without further disinfectants or cleaning agents that irritate the mucous membranes is absolutely impressive. The easy handling and the versatile application possibilities absolutely round off the product. The device is an absolute hygiene plus for my practices and my patients. Thank you for it!

Michael Mittendorfer

A truly excellent device. Can be used everywhere, irreplaceable, effective, time-saving and without any chemicals.

Christiane Zoellner

Great device - super to operate. Top advice and training by Mrs. Seichter - thank you very much.

Klaus Satra

Super device. I wouldn't want to give it away. The presentation and training by the consultant Ms. Seichter was really great.

Suse Spiegelsberger

I am thrilled with the MCT Micro Cleaner 24/7 and with the seller Marco Mühlhausen. Absolute professionals are at work here. Without using any chemical cleaning agents, the grease residues in my food truck are removed with phenomenal ease. And Marco explains and shows you everything with so much joy and enthusiasm that even cleaning is fun and I could hardly wait to start using my Micro Cleaner. Many thanks for this mega presentation and the Micro Cleaner. 5 stars from me, I would also give it 10.

Torsten Reitz, Owner Streetfood 67

I happened to read about the system in the newspaper and since I had been looking for an optimal cleaning for my surgery for a while, I made an appointment. I was quickly convinced of the effectiveness and the results. I then did a basic cleaning of the surgery and now it is done at regular intervals. The cost and the flexibility of using my own device means that my surgery always appears perfectly cleaned. Certainly a quantum leap in the implementation of cleaning and hygiene in my surgery. Thank you!

Dr Christoph Michlmayr, practice owner

SeeHotel Wassermann
We have been working with medeco cleantec's micro steam technology for 2 years. We are very satisfied with it. Nature, water and health are our top priorities, which is why we rely on chemical-free cleaning. Pore-deep clean, joints, drains, sanitary facilities, mattresses, curtains, etc. can be cleaned hygienically without the addition of cleaning agents. We also use medeco cleantec in our kitchen to clean stainless steel surfaces, walls, cooling systems, seals, etc. and would not want to do without it. Especially in the corona period, we have become even more aware of the importance of hygienic cleanliness and the destruction of germs and viruses. The customer service is friendly, reliable and fast. Thank you very much!

SeeHotel Wassermann


We switched to chemical-free cleaning with dry micro steam several years ago. Not only because it is good for the environment and our health, but also because of the savings in costs for cleaning agents and water. In addition, it allows us to clean cars anywhere - regardless of a garage and an oil separator - with a minimum of effort. So we are mobile and come to your home, company or hotel and clean your car inside and/or outside without leaving any residues, right into the last cracks and corners. On request, we also offer a sealant to protect the surfaces, so that they no longer get dirty so quickly and new dirt is easy to remove.

Mobile car care

I got to know the Medeco Cleantec dry steam device through a dear equestrian friend. I bought it for cleaning my seminar rooms during training in equine osteotherapy. When I used it, I was so enthusiastic that I tried out other areas of application around the "horse". Things that always require a lot of effort from us riders were suddenly totally easy to clean, e.g. bridle and saddle, also in the seams and buckles, riding boots and other shoes, drinking troughs and feeding bowls and the horse stalls, the grooming kit/bucket, saddle cupboard, horse trailer, etc.

Birgit Volesky, HORSE ENERGY® GmbH

5 stars for the Micro Cleaner! The employee of Medeco Cleantec was very competent. I was not pushed into anything or even persuaded to buy. The device convinced me without much talking - just by the results in use. I have been using the device for many months now and have not used a single drop of detergent in my household since. Everything I was told in the demonstration was also true. Daily cleaning is really fun again. Annoying streaks caused by detergent residues are a thing of the past! On top of that, I save money as well as time. Another important aspect for me was that I can actively contribute to protecting our environment by not using cleaning agents. Actually, the Micro Cleaner belongs in every household. A purchase that is really worthwhile.

Michaela S.

We have been using several Micro Cleaners with special industrial equipment since 2018 and have been able to optimise important cleaning processes in a resource-saving way. We are very satisfied with the devices. The Micro Cleaners are used at various locations by our demanding major customers - often in continuous operation - for basic, maintenance and special cleaning. Dirt can be quickly removed from almost all surfaces (carpet, wood, PVC, stone, marble, tiles, natural stone, etc.,...). The dry steam with a very low water content also makes it possible to clean valuable furnishings and accessories gently and in a way that preserves their value. Seating surfaces, upholstered furniture, conference tables are also cleaned down to the pores very quickly and without leaving any residue. Bathrooms and toilets, urinals, taps and drains are cleaned and disinfected with appropriate nozzles (HACCP-compliant), simply and without chemicals, from deposits and unpleasant odours in a single operation. Our customers appreciate this kind of sustainable hygienic cleanliness very much. In summary, it can be said that the devices quickly pay for themselves in terms of labour time and cost savings. The cleaners also like to work with it because it works very easily and quickly and their health is protected. We would like to thank Mr. Grün for the good advice, the instruction of our staff and the support.

Uwe Schmidt, Technical Operations Manager at Gepe Gebäudedienste Peterhoff GmbH

Cleaning work with the Cleantec is simple, extremely effective and time-saving. The result: almost clinically pure cleanliness that is incomparable, without any cleaning agent. There is no easier and gentler way to clean and working with the appliance is really fun, because it is easy to use and the result is outstanding. The cleanliness effect is indescribable. The true value of the Micro Cleaner only becomes apparent in the course of ongoing use and you see what the device can and does. We use it in all areas and there is really nothing it cannot do. With the extensive accessories, it is easy to clean quickly and extremely thoroughly. Every crevice gets super clean without much effort. The device has become indispensable for us. Absolutely recommendable for everyone! We also use the ironing board/iron and are very happy with it. Ironing is quick and easy and the laundry is visibly smoothed more gently. No comparison to conventional steam ironing. Customer service, customer support and training are absolutely top-notch. Thank you to the sales representative, Mrs. Seichter.

Pit Walter

We bought the Micro Cleaner before Corona for environmental reasons, actually just for cleaning. We were already enthusiastic about it, but now during Corona it is in use all day. Besides airing, it's our weapon against the virus. If you have any questions or need repairs, the Medeco team is always available and looks for quick solutions in a friendly and competent manner.

Klein-Loser-Simon joint practice

I have been using the Micro Cleaner since last year and am very satisfied with it. Whether windows, floors, kitchen or sanitary areas - with the Micro Cleaner, everything is sparkling clean and without any cleaning agents, so that the paws of my pets are spared. I was also impressed by the service provided by Medco Cleantec. If you have any questions, you can immediately find a competent contact person here!

Ingrid Leitner

I have been using the Micro Cleaner for two months now and can only recommend the device due to its diverse areas of application in the practice and privately! Good support from the consultant with personal introduction at home and in my practice!

Dr. Matthias Neumann

We no longer want to do without the Micro Cleaner! The device is ready for use in just a few minutes and we clean everything in an environmentally conscious way without any chemicals. Especially when it comes to cleaning our antiques for dressing, the Micro Cleaner has become indispensable. Old furs, valuable fabrics and textiles are cleaned hygienically and gently by the fine steam.

Alexa’s Vintage – Retro – Fashion

Need a real sense of achievement after a stressful day? Then grab the Micro Cleaner and give it a whirl around the house. It cleans with ease, effortlessly and faster than any conventional way of cleaning. Am I exaggerating? That's what my husband thought too - until we had to race to clean the windows: he with spray and squeegee, I with my favourite tool. After 15 minutes he gave up. "That's unfair: I'm slaving away, you're singing". But that's exactly how it is. Fun to clean without getting tired! After 3 years of chemical-free household cleaning, I speak from experience: every new appliance eventually becomes a habit - my Micro Cleaner does not: I am thrilled every time! PS: Remember this the next time you are standing in the supermarket looking at cleaning products: It's much easier, cheaper and healthier. Switching is guaranteed to pay off!

Elisabeth Gruber

Gereinigte Fliesen
Tile grout, drains and sanitary facilities can be cleaned hygienically and without the addition of cleaning agents. All scepticism vanished immediately when we saw the cleaning results. The personal support and instruction in the device was very professional and sympathetic. The device is absolutely recommendable for private households.

Susanne A.

We have been using a device in our physiotherapy practice for over 2 years and are very satisfied with it. Especially during the Corona period, we have become even more aware of the importance of pore-deep cleanliness and the simultaneous elimination of germs and viruses. That is why we also bought another device for our household in March.

Patrick Kerner

I can only confirm the ratings given! I can only recommend the advice and support provided by Medeco Cleantec. I use the device every day and would not want to do without it.

Ana-Maria Wolf

The advice from Medeco Cleantec was very good. I use my Micro Cleaner several times a week. I don't want to do without it any more. Environmentally conscious cleaning is possible with it. All surfaces get clean. Especially as a pet owner, I have the feeling that everything is clean and my pets don't have chemicals on their paws that they always lick off.

Ute Treppschuh

The best advice, competent expertise, immediate assistance and, in the event of a problem, impeccable service. The devices are simply indispensable and I can't imagine how I could live without them before. Simplified cleaning, deep hygiene, free of any chemicals, odourless. Many thanks to this team!

Nicole Frühwacht

We are a customer with a private household and have long considered whether it is "worthwhile" investing in this appliance. Everything that is promised and described is really true. It was absolutely worth it; you finally get places like corners and joints clean with little effort. What we noticed very positively is that it stays clean longer. It is fantastic for windows, kitchen cupboards and ovens. We can really recommend the appliance. Almost embarrassingly, we now even enjoy cleaning. Occasionally we even clean the oven at a friend's house. Conclusion: we also recommend the device for private households!


We have been working with the Micro Cleaner for 3 years and definitely cannot imagine cleaning our holiday flats without it. The device enables an extremely high standard of cleaning and hygiene and pore-deep cleanliness for surfaces, joints, drains, mattresses and every tiny crack. Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms without the Micro Cleaner is no longer conceivable for us. Working with it is simply fun and always puts a smile on our faces. The cleaning result is perfect.

Roswitha Walter / Holiday home Bauer in Piding

We are committed to a healthy and clean environment

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Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, especially nowadays, and we have a great responsibility towards our children and future generations. It is therefore our particular concern to contribute, together with our customers, to avoiding environmentally harmful chemicals and mountains of waste. To this end, we work closely with competent partners from the areas of trade, distribution, cleaning, disinfection and production in order to be able to offer high-quality and exclusively European products for the chemical-free cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and the air.

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