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Chemical-free cleaning: Protect babies and children from cleaning agent residues

25. April 2024 | Medeco Cleantec

Babies and toddlers explore their world to a large extent by putting things in their mouths. What many parents are not aware of: During the oral phase, children may also ingest residues of cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients - from formic acid to sulphamic acid. If you want to avoid chemicals when cleaning, you should use dry steam, because even organic products leave behind residues that baby's hands should be protected from.

Unlike in the food sector, the terms "organic" and "eco" on cleaning products are not subject to legal requirements. There is also no obligation to declare. This means that if aggressive acids, alkalis or liquid plastics are contained in cleaning products, suppliers are not obliged to list them on the packaging - even if they are hazardous to health. This is particularly dangerous for babies and small children, who can pick up any residues that may stick to floors or toys via their hands and mouths.

If you want to protect your child, you should therefore avoid aggressive cleaners in the household. Cleaning with micro dry steam is a completely chemical-free and at the same time much more effective alternative. For this purpose, water is heated in compact cleaning appliances to such an extent that almost dry steam is produced. Its microscopically small water particles no longer have any surface tension and can therefore penetrate and dissolve any dirt and residues. Thanks to the low moisture content of just 5 percent, even sensitive floors and surfaces can be cleaned completely chemical-free.

Another advantage is that no new cleaning agent residue is left behind, meaning that once cleaned, surfaces stay clean for longer as dirt and germs no longer adhere so easily. What's more, surfaces are automatically thermally disinfected during cleaning with micro dry steam. "The high outlet temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius eliminates 99.99 percent of the mold, bacteria and viruses that can accumulate on surfaces," explains Fritz Pattis, founder of the Green Cleaning concept, which is based on dry steam. Even if babies do not need a germ-free environment to develop healthily: Dry steam-based hygiene is always preferable to chemical residues.

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