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Medeco takes part in the Green Summer Camp

25. April 2024 | Medeco Cleantec

The Green Summer Camp is celebrating its premiere this year as the first cross-industry sustainability bar camp. From July 3 to 5, interested parties will meet at the Schlosshotel Blankenburg to discuss sustainable management, exchange experiences and outline joint solutions. A great opportunity that Medeco Managing Director Fritz Pattis will not miss out on.

"The topic of sustainability has long affected every industry and every area of life. That's why I find the idea of discussing both the challenges and the opportunities that arise from this with people from a wide range of industries and areas all the more exciting. New ideas and suggestions are also constantly flowing into our Green Cleaning Concept."

The Green Summer Camp is deliberately planned as a bar camp, i.e. as an "unconference". This means that there is no fixed program planned in advance. Instead, at the start of the event, all participants discuss the topics that are close to their hearts. This results in a jointly developed session plan. Over the three days of the event, participants can then freely decide which sessions they would like to attend. Between the sessions, there will of course be plenty of time for networking and exploring the beautiful Harz countryside.

More information at www.greensign.de/academy/green-summer-camp/.

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Medeco takes part in the Green Summer Camp

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