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Oven cleaning – completely chemical-free

25. April 2024 | Medeco Cleantec

Cleaning ovens and extractor hoods is often a particular challenge, as grease and stubborn dirt tend to accumulate here. Dry steam is an effective solution. The cleaning method works completely without chemicals and disinfects all surfaces at the same time.

Modern appliances, such as the Micro Cleaner from Medeco, work exclusively with water vapor, which consists of tiny particles. The water content is only 5 percent. This allows the micro-dry steam that flows out of the appliance to penetrate even into hard-to-reach corners and nooks, e.g. behind the guide rails of the oven. Dirt and grease are dissolved with the help of 9 bar pressure and a temperature of 180 degrees. The high temperature also means that thermal disinfection takes place at the same time.

Ideal for sensitive surfaces

"This hygienic cleaning method is therefore also frequently used in the catering industry," explains Fritz Pattis, founder of the Green Cleaning concept, which is based on dry steam. However, the appliances are also a great help in the household, as they remove incrustations without much effort and without using chemicals. "Cleaning with micro dry steam is particularly beneficial for ceramic hobs or stainless steel extractor hoods," emphasizes Pattis. "Sensitive surfaces can be cleaned gently and, above all, streak-free in this way - as can worktops made of real wood or cabinets with a high-gloss veneer."

No chance for germs

Using a dry steam appliance is very simple: if you want to clean your oven, for example, first remove loose food residues with a damp cloth and fill your Micro Cleaner with water. Any stubborn soiling that is still in the oven can now be removed using the appliance. Select the appropriate attachment (brushes, hand nozzle, microfiber cloth, etc.) and steam all sides of the oven, including the oven door. The loosened dirt can be easily removed with a cloth.

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