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Seal of Excellence for Medeco Cleantec

25. April 2024 | Medeco Cleantec

The Institute for Service and Leadership Excellence has been publishing a ranking of the 101 best hotels in Germany once a year for the past four years - with the help of a panel of experts from the hotel industry.

Medeco Cleantec is also one of the institute's official partners and has recently been awarded the Seal of Excellence. After all, many hotels on the best list already rely on chemical-free green cleaning. Fritz Pattis, founder of Medeco and inventor of the Green Cleaning Concept, can only confirm that the aspect of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for both hotel operators and guests and, above all, an increasingly decisive competitive advantage: "Sophisticated hotel concepts or upscale wellness hotels in particular want to offer their guests the safe feel-good atmosphere of a chemical-free environment. And more and more large hotel chains are also opting for a complete switch to green cleaning because it brings nothing but advantages in every respect."

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